02 Apr 2019

X-ray Technology: On-line Product and Process Control

In the past few years, X-ray technology has been developed towards a higher resolution and a higher contrast, retaining a high scanning speed. Therefore, more complex on-line product & process control, measurement and quantification tasks can be solved cost-effectively using advanced X-ray based sorting systems, in addition of course to detect foreign contaminants in the product.


X-ray inspection of baked products, including bread, biscuits, cakes, can ascertain that the structure, overall homogeneity, size and weight of dough for biscuits, bread, and cakes conforms to the specification. X-ray systems can be used for grading the meat content of live shellfish (lobsters and crabs, e.g.).

The ripeness of fruit can be validated using X-ray systems, e.g. for a better quality sorting and a higher yield. Using low-energy X-ray imaging, the sprout capability of seeds can be assessed in order to verify their usefulness and achieve a true quality sorting.

In addition to  quality- inspect cheese blocks for contamination, X-ray systems can also be applied to validate the maturity development of the cheese. The quantitative determination of cheese hole development, cheese void distribution, and the overall cheese structure, is valuable to identify the optimum time for its release for sale.


The low-energy X-ray systems are particularly suited for inspection of the  seal integrity as well as the verification that the overall packaging process of products conforms with the specifications and the established tolerances. The speed, contrast and resolution of the X-ray systems also is highly relevant to ascertain that the conformity of the chocolate and candy production. Chocolate and candy X-ray inspection systems can thus me used to verify that the product meets the requirements for their correct packaging and internal quality.

The novelty is that the significant improvement in contrast and resolution has opened for new applications for the special InnospeXion X-ray systems. The systems have proven their capability integrated to the production line, where non-conformity X-ray detection  is essential, before they end up as a defect. In many applications, the ability to make a quantitative quality assessment by X-ray imaging implies a better use of the raw materials, leading to a more rational manufacturing.

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