ABOUT InnospeXion

The majority of InnospeXion is today owned by a capital-strong investment company, HM Investment Group.

HM Investment Group has a strong focus on creating successful and sustainable growth of all the portfolio companies.


Our pristine X-ray expertise is the key to InnospeXion’s successful innovations. Our team consists of highly talented experts within various fields, ensuring a high multidisciplinary standard in our developments.


All InnospeXion products are based on long term development, comprehensive tests, and design based on know-how as a result of our expert knowledge.We continuously strive to be in a technological prime position and participate in a number of industrial R&D project initiatives.


We find 4 things particularly essential in the development, production and utilization of quality X-ray systems


InnospeXion produces X-ray systems that aim at solving specific inspection, imaging or quantification tasks. We base our work on know-how, practical experience, and written procedures, in all aspects of the production. Extensive development and long-term testing are used to ensure the fit-for-the-purpose of a given technology. Our systems are provided with a full, up-to-date documentation set. Extensive Probability Of Detection (POD) tests are conducted to quantify and prove the capabilities of the systems for various tasks. We do not promise “100% detection capability”, but we promise to have the best performance and to be honest concerning the actual detection capability, in practical usage.


A certain fear is related to the use of X-ray systems. This is groundless. A modern X-ray system is as safe as any other machinery on a modern manufacturing line. Safety is an important part of the design, and testing methods (involving e.g. calibrated dose meters that measures radiation) are used to ascertain the X-ray system safety. InnospeXion conducts safety training courses for operators and workers upon installation of X-ray systems. The InnospeXion X-ray solutions conform to the European and North American legislation, as well as conforming to prevailing machine directives.

The use of X-ray systems for quality and/or product control has no relation to food irradiation for preservation purposes. The InnospeXion X-ray technology can be used on food, drugs, and living tissue without radiation effects. The dosage required for preservation e.g. is thousands of times higher than used in a general X-ray imaging. Here, the dose received e.g. by a drug container is less than what it would receive on a trans-Atlantic flight


We strive to ensure that the system quality conforms to the expectations of the client. X-ray systems involve complicated and fragile technology. Many applications are in rough environments, where dust, moisture, vibrations, special cleaning procedures, etc., poses severe demands to the quality and robustness. Long-term testing and emphasis on high-risk components is necessary to ensure the fitness for a given purpose. In addition, quality control procedures are implemented to ensure traceability, serviceability, and due diligence whenever a malfunction may be suspected or under development. All InnospeXion systems are remotely monitored, and the information is applied to constantly improve the quality of hard- and software.


InnospeXion strives at ensuring that the technology solution can be fitted to the application and that it matches the needs and expectations of the client. We take pride in ensuring a strong collaboration with customers, which results in design and function fit for the purpose. Our solutions can be modified to suit specific needs, and we aim at imposing this in the most cost-effective manner.


Our office and production site in Bjernede, Denmark is always open for visitors, but you are also welcome to give us a call and we'll discuss your product and problems

The world of X-rays is constantly developing so stay updated on the latest InnospeXion news to get first-hand insights into new applications, exhibitions, etc.