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21 Feb 2020
powder food contamination

Powder Food Contamination | Detect Foreign Material in Infant Formula

Powder food contamination can occur in production and processing lines of infant formula milk, protein powder products and other similar products with powdery texture. Powder dairy processors are aware of the highest contamination risks their products are exposed to. This is one of the main reasons why nowadays this type [...]
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07 Jan 2020
dried fruits x-ray inspection

Dried Fruits X-ray Inspection in Cereal Mix – Granola, Muesli

LWX technology ensures the detection of even very small foreign material in raw food products that are transported continously on a conveyor belt, and is therefore a perfect choice for dried fruits X-ray inspection. The most common way of inspecting raw food products is inspecting the product pre-packaging. For products [...]
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03 Jan 2020
soft cheese inspection

Soft cheese X-ray inspection

2020's first X-ray Friday image of the week is soft cheese quality inspection! Many food producers are still unaware of the multiple applications a high contrast, high definition X-ray system can have. Each potential product defect impacts quality differently. Now, particularly in the case of temperature-sensitive products such as dairy [...]
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