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X-ray technology has been used for years for the bakery X-ray inspection quality control of products such as bisquits and cakes. Our new and innovative X-ray systems push the detection level to the real need – to detect what is critical for the consumer.

X-ray inspection of bakery products – product & process control 2


  • reducing loss and making best use of raw materials
  • better product classification and a better product price
  • avoiding customer complaints
  • a robust, reliable, and safe inspection technology
  • hygienic design guidelines


Modern manufacturing lines require a strict quality control of the correct distribution, dimensions, and mass of the dough, in addition to e.g. contamination inspection. A high contrast, process and product X-ray quality control  imaging online system enables the fast and reliable quality control before the baking process. 

This leads to immediate action-taking when there are issues with the performance of the dosage system. Consequently, downtime is largely eliminated and discard of non-conforming products is minimized.


The InnospeXion technology enables the compactness and robustness required to incorporate a process and product X-ray quality control system during the forming process.

However, the X-ray technology also is applied to inspect the baked products and to secure that the products are packaged correctly, with the correct, uncontaminated, and un-damaged amounts in the package. This also gives additional value to the product and safeguards a minimum of recalls and customer complaints.

  • Tailored, ultra compact design
  • Ultrafast inspection capability: Line speed up to 180 m/min
  • Fast signaling cycle: Approx. 15 ms or better
  • High precision in marking of defect – better than 0.1 s precision (depending on local layout of network and control/handshake)
  • Robust
  • Detection capability 0.1 – 0.8 mm, speed dependent
  • Ultra high sensitivity – high contrast images
  • Suitable for multiple products in one system (multiple lines per system) (total width < 100 mm)
  • System product coverage 100 mm in width, optional larger width
  • 2 m distance (cable connection) between control compartment and inspection compartment
  • Standard off-the-shelf systems for contamination and product conformity inspection