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21 Aug 2019
battery inspection

Battery Inspection: Battery Cells X-ray Inspection for Electric Vehicles

Sustainability concerns are impacting consumer preferences when opting for gadgets and vehicles. More and more applications are based on lithium-ion batteries, starting from smartphones, laptops and especially the increasingly popular electric cars and electric scooters. The purpose of switching from gas fueled vehicles to electronic ones is well-known: to reduce [...]
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09 Aug 2019
flexible packaging inspection

Flexible Packaging X-ray Inspection

X-ray Friday - image of the week: food in flexible packaging. Flexible packaging is continuously growing in popularity because it provides on-the-go, convenient solutions for consumers. By far the biggest market adopting this trend is the baby food industry. Smoothies and purée food for babies is nowadays conveniently packed in [...]
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31 Jul 2019
avocado ripeness inspection

Avocado Ripeness Inspection – Automatic X-ray Detection of Internal Damage

DETERMINE AVOCADO RIPENESS Quality, price, and overall sales parameters for avocados and other fruits are related to their ripeness and damages that they may have suffered upon transport. Avocado is especially vulnerable to become overripe, a condition which may be difficult to distinguish from ripe fruits, and a condition which [...]
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26 Jul 2019
fish block bone xray detection

Fish Block Bone X-ray Detection

X-RAY FRIDAY: IMAGE OF THE WEEK - FROZEN FISH BLOCK WITH NATURAL BONES X-ray image quality is extremely important for fish block bone detection. Why is it nearly impossible for a standard X-ray system to detect bones in fish blocks or any layer thicker than one fillet? Because the quality [...]
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