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30 Jul 2019
seal integrity food pouch

Seal Integrity X-ray Inspection

INNOVATION IN SEAL INTEGRITY ASSESSMENT Innovation in seal integrity assessment methods is necessary for ensuring food quality and safety. New detection technology combined with new X-ray source technology, has facilitated that X-ray systems can be used at much lower energies than traditional X-ray systems used for foreign object detection. The [...]
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23 Jul 2019
fish bone detection blocks

Fish Bone Detection in Frozen at Sea Blocks

Fish bone detection in different fish products such as fish fillets or bits& pieces is currently very demanded by the market. Producers and processors in the fish industry are increasingly turning towards technological solutions that will contribute to the automation of their production lines, improve productivity and quality of their [...]
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16 Jul 2019

The Power of X-rays: Detect Chicken Bones & Fragments in Chicken Drumsticks, Thighs and Whole Legs

The rise in popularity of dark poultry meat requires solutions for securing product quality.  Customer affinity for convenience and easy to consume products have motivated chicken processors to adapt and produce deboned options for chicken drumsticks, thighs & whole legs,  and find solutions that will improve product yields during and [...]
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