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07 Jul 2020

Food Safety Summer 2020 | Free X-ray Testing of Food Products

Food safety is everyone’s responsibility and therefore everyone’s business. Let’s team up for safety testing during summer 2020! We invite food producers for a free testing of their products with our special X-ray inspection solutions. Book your free test today! Send us your details and the test option that fits [...]
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07 Jan 2020
dried fruits x-ray inspection

Dried Fruits X-ray Inspection in Cereal Mix – Granola, Muesli

LWX technology ensures the detection of even very small foreign material in raw food products that are transported continously on a conveyor belt, and is therefore a perfect choice for dried fruits X-ray inspection. The most common way of inspecting raw food products is inspecting the product pre-packaging. For products [...]
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03 Jan 2020
soft cheese inspection

Soft cheese X-ray inspection

2020's first X-ray Friday image of the week is soft cheese quality inspection! Many food producers are still unaware of the multiple applications a high contrast, high definition X-ray system can have. Each potential product defect impacts quality differently. Now, particularly in the case of temperature-sensitive products such as dairy [...]
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