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11 Oct 2019
glass detection

Glass Detection | Food in Glass Packaging

X-ray friday image of the week: pickles in glass jars. Glass detection is crucial in food production lines. Let's find out why.  Replacing plastic packaging with glass packaging started to become a trend among environmentally conscious food producers, but is your production line ready for such a shift? Are you [...]
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11 Sep 2019
chocolate inspection

Chocolate Inspection: X-ray Detection of Product Variations & Defects in Confectionery Products

Most chocolate production lines nowadays are equipped with metal detectors. However, this type of inspection can primarily detect metal, and is  not capable of detecting foreign material such as glass, stones, rubber or plastic. Increasingly more confectionery producers have discovered the capabilities and tremendous value that an X-ray inspection system [...]
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30 Aug 2019
household waste sorting

Household Waste Sorting: X-ray Inspection of Incineration Waste for Materials Differentiation

Household waste sorting ends with the process of incinerating that waste, regardless of how thorough or correct it has been differentiated and sorted into categories. Unfortunately, incineration slags from household waste contains a relatively large amount of valuable metals. If the various size fractions of slag are inspected and subsequently [...]
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29 May 2019
second hand x-ray system

Used & Refurbished X-ray Systems

Purchasing an X-ray inspection system that can ensure the quality & safety of your products is often a very big and costly investment decision. This is why we created an overview of all our used & refurbished equipment with various applications. Click here to read the brochure in detail Choose [...]
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08 May 2019
Multi-energy X-ray Security Scanner

Multi-Energy Security Scanner

We present you our latest Multi-Energy Security Scanner, the innovative X-ray security system fit for airports in particular, but also for various events and arrangements that require a security check of the participants. With multiple view imaging and tomographical reconstruction, the system is assembled in modules (dimensions of 5.5x2.4x2.4m). Equiped [...]
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