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Enhanced oil recovery research - High precision X-ray attenuation measurement - Real-time high sensitivity imaging

InnospeXion is a developer and producer of advanced core analysis X-ray systems  for three-phase flow measurement and modeling of rock slabs or drill core samples for petrophysical research. The core analysis X-ray technology is based on further development of our X-ray technology used in 24/7 applications, in the food and continuous process control. It is therefore characterized by being robust, with fast scanning speed, effective in the quantification task, and competitively priced.

Thanks to the InnospeXion dedication to continuous technology development, the solutions also involves beyond the state of the art technology, which can bring further quantification possibilities for reservoir studies and modeling. For example, the use of multispectral imaging detectors brings a much higher precision of flow characterization, at pixel level.


  • X-ray Imaging AND flow measurement
  • Proven, robust, fast X-ray technology
  • Tailored to R&D specs
  • Multi-spectral imaging
  • 0.1 mm resolution limit

InnospeXion's X-ray solutions involve the most sensitive and fast technology in order to quantify details invisible by other (X-ray) technologies. Our customers are world leading petroleum research institutions and the results obtained with our oil and petrol X-ray systems have important economic and environmental benefits.

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