Food & Packaging X-ray Inspection: WEBINAR [ON-DEMAND]

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Food & Packaging
X-ray Inspection

Jørgen Rheinlænder, Sales & R&D Manager at InnospeXion will guide you through the latest developments in terms of X-ray inspection in the food & packaging industry and address the most frequently asked questions about:


1. Types of packaging material that can be inspected with X-ray technology

2. Types of packaging defects detectable using X-ray inspection:
• broken/ defect/deformed packaging
• product in packaging seal
• other seal defects

3. Maximizing the functionality of an X-ray system while ensuring packaging integrity:

• foreign material detection
• product weight check
• filling level check
• missing/extra product check

4. Considerations regarding optimal X-ray system implementation:
• Raw material vs Primary packaging vs Secondary packaging inspection

5. How safe is an X-ray system working in a production plant?

* The webinar is conducted in English.