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Fur quality control parameters non-destructively assessed by X-ray imaging and quantification

X-ray technology has been previously used for fur clothing X-ray inspection, and process & product control of fur products. Our new and innovative X-ray systems push the fur clothing X-ray inspection level to the real need – to detect what is critical for process & product quality inspection.

X-ray inspection of fur clothing – product & process control 1


  • reducing loss and making best use of raw materials
  • better product classification and a better product price
  • avoiding customer complaints
  • a robust, reliable, and safe inspection technology
  • hygienic design guidelines

Due to the lower X-ray energy that our innovative system is using, even small details create a contrast,
and the optimized system creates complete images of the skins, where
the structure including possible flaws are obvious.


The X-ray technology can add measurement of skin length and hair length directly to one automated process. Furthermore the X-ray systems are able to measure the density of wool in the skins and these automated processes means, that sorting in big, uniformed lots of mink-skins – will be much improved.

The technology increases the stability in the measurements, providing an objective assessment of the sorting, which means a better capability of controlling the quality over time.

The technology can additionally reveal flaws, defects and deposits of fat in the skins, so that poorly scraped skins can be removed from the sorting before they are sold and maybe returned with complaints because of fallen off hairs.

The X-ray images also provide the quality-department with the opportunity to track and analyze flaws in large quantities of skin in the chain of production. This way it will be easy to establish, if a certain type of flaw recurs in one particular breeder or pelting center. The X-ray images will furthermore be capable of revealing skins that have been stretched unnaturally much.

X-ray inspection of fur clothing – product & process control 3
fur inspection xray


The technology in question is a highly developed X-ray technology – the so-called low-energy X-ray imaging – that uses less energy than the X-ray systems in e.g. hospitals to take a picture. Due to the lower X-ray energy, even small details create a contrast, and the optimized system creates complete images of the skins, where the structure including possible flaws is obvious.

The system can handle 1 fur in 3-6 seconds, or even faster, depending on the resolution and accuracy necessary. The fur details such as skin length, hair length, wool density, defects and others, are measured and quantified in real time. The complete data set for each mink is linked with its tracing number and stored by a central computer. In addition, a compressed image is formed which can be retrieved for subsequent validation relative to its sorting.

Due to the very low X-ray energy, no shielding is necessary. This greatly helps the measurement process as any mechanical contact with the mink may cause undesired electrostatic charges that may affect the measurement accuracy.

The technology is adequate for daisy-chaining (parallel inspection) relative to large sorting stations.


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