chocolate contamination

Chocolate Contamination & Quality Control

Posted by InnospeXion on  September 13, 2019

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With the power of low-energy, high-definition and high-contrast, our X-ray inspection system verifies the structure and homogeneity of chocolate, density, density distribution. These are critical capabilities in determining  porosity levels and  identify irregularities in the product.  All this assessment happens in a few seconds, while the system also checks for
chocolate inspection
Most chocolate production lines nowadays are equipped with metal detectors. However, this type of inspection can primarily detect metal, and is  not capable of detecting foreign material such as glass, stones, rubber or plastic. Increasingly more confectionery producers have discovered the capabilities and tremendous value that an X-ray inspection system
household waste sorting
Household waste sorting ends with the process of incinerating that waste, regardless of how thorough or correct it has been differentiated and sorted into categories. Unfortunately, incineration slags from household waste contains a relatively large amount of valuable metals. If the various size fractions of slag are inspected and subsequently
waste sorting

Waste Sorting: Multi-Spectral X-ray Inspection Systems

Posted by InnospeXion on  August 26, 2019

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InnospeXion has developed an on-line X-ray inspection system that can help waste sorting by differentiating between organic and inorganic waste, based on the atomic composition variation of the scanned items. This technology can help recover various materials that can be recycled, in this way reducing the amount of waste and
Bæredygtighed – nøgleordet bag United Nations 17 Globale Mål.  InnospeXion er blandt finalisterne til at modtage hi Sustainable Development Award 2019, hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia-messens nystiftede bæredygtighedspris. Vinderen bliver udpeget på messens åbningsdagen, den 1. oktober i MCH Messecenter Herning, hvor du kan også møde os på stand K1838!
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