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Chicken Bone X-ray Detection

Posted by Innospexion on  July 19, 2019
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X-RAY FRIDAY: IMAGE OF THE WEEK - CHICKEN THIGH WITH NATURAL BONES We’ve been specializing in X-ray technology for industrial process and quality control for the past 19 years. Yes, 19 years of pure X-ray expertise, no distractions, nothing else! Can you imagine how many X-ray images we see on
ENSURE FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY BY COMPLYING TO HACCP PRINCIPLES What type of inspection system should you choose for food inspection? X-rays or Metal Detectors? The main purpose of an inspection system is to ensure food safety & quality. Complying with the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
The rise in popularity of dark poultry meat requires solutions for securing product quality.  Customer affinity for convenience and easy to consume products have motivated chicken processors to adapt and produce deboned options for chicken drumsticks, thighs & whole legs,  and find solutions that will improve product yields during and
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A correctly set up and calibrated X-ray system can help you reach superior quality standards , build a strong and trusted brand name, and save a lot of money in your production line. Still, there are many uncertainties regarding the capability of this type of inspection systems, and also about
Chicken Bone Detection facts on X-ray Systems Detection Capabilities
This note focuses on chicken bone detection capabilities and provides an explanation of why some bones can be detected by X-ray inspection, whilst others cannot. The testing of an X-ray system is typically based on selecting small bones and cutting of small pieces of these bones, which are subsequently placed