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Waste Sorting: Multi-Spectral X-ray Inspection Systems

Posted by InnospeXion on  August 26, 2019
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InnospeXion has developed an on-line X-ray inspection system that can help waste sorting by differentiating between organic and inorganic waste, based on the atomic composition variation of the scanned items. This technology can help recover various materials that can be recycled, in this way reducing the amount of waste and
Bæredygtighed – nøgleordet bag United Nations 17 Globale Mål.  InnospeXion er blandt finalisterne til at modtage hi Sustainable Development Award 2019, hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia-messens nystiftede bæredygtighedspris. Vinderen bliver udpeget på messens åbningsdagen, den 1. oktober i MCH Messecenter Herning, hvor du kan også møde os på stand K1838!
battery inspection
Sustainability concerns are impacting consumer preferences when opting for gadgets and vehicles. More and more applications are based on lithium-ion batteries, starting from smartphones, laptops and especially the increasingly popular electric cars and electric scooters. The purpose of switching from gas fueled vehicles to electronic ones is well-known: to reduce
food equipment hygienic design
HOW CAN YOU MAKE SURE YOUR INSPECTION SYSTEM IS HYGIENICALLY DESIGNED? As a food producer/processor you have definitely encountered the necessity of ensuring that the different food processing equipment present on your plant should comply with safety and hygiene requirements and principles. HOW IMPORTANT IT IS THAT YOUR NEW INSPECTION
flexible packaging inspection

Flexible Packaging X-ray Inspection

Posted by InnospeXion on  August 9, 2019
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X-ray Friday – image of the week: food in flexible packaging. Flexible packaging is continuously growing in popularity because it provides on-the-go, convenient solutions for consumers. By far the biggest market adopting this trend is the baby food industry. Smoothies and purée food for babies is nowadays conveniently packed in