Rubber hoses X-ray inspection case story
During past few years, InnospeXion has developed a unique real-time X-ray imaging technology, based on using a part of the X-ray spectrum not used in other imaging applications. Along with a very high image resolution of 0.1 mm, this innovation has unveiled a substantial improvement of the on-line detection capability,
Multi-energy X-ray Security Scanner

Multi-Energy Security Scanner

Posted by InnospeXion on  May 8, 2019
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We present you our latest Multi-Energy Security Scanner, the innovative X-ray security system fit for airports in particular, but also for various events and arrangements that require a security check of the participants. With multiple view imaging and tomographical reconstruction, the system is assembled in modules (dimensions of 5.5×2.4×2.4m). Equiped
Røntgenteknologi er i de senere år blevet anvendt i højere grad til on-line applikationer, blandt andet til kontrol af fødevarer. Røntgensystemer detekterer afvigelser i produktet. Når et fremmedlegeme detekteres vil systemets PLC styre signalgivning til sorteringsenheder tilkoblet produktionslinjen. Inspektionen sker oftest på u-emballerede eller individuelt pakkede produkter. Selvom der er
X-ray inspection of large products & large packages 1
X-ray systems are widely applied for numerous applications relative to  foreign body contamination of products. Typically, inspection is aimed at un-packaged and minor products. The problem is, that large products requires a higher energy and the detector must cover a larger area. This leads to lower contrast and reduced resolution.
Chicken Bone Detection facts on X-ray Systems Detection Capabilities
This note focuses on chicken bone detection capabilities and provides an explanation of why some bones can be detected by X-ray inspection, whilst others cannot. The testing of an X-ray system is typically based on selecting small bones and cutting of small pieces of these bones, which are subsequently placed