The Trolley Security Scanner combines a new and innovative
X-ray technology with a never before seen method that disrupts
the entire way of thinking airport security scanning.

X-ray security systems are rapidly evolving along with the increasing need for innovative security solutions . The airport industry is going to need radical, new approaches that re-think and re-engineer the entire value chain from check-in to gate, in order to create better experiences for passengers and more efficient and profitable business solutions for operators and retailers.

By taking away the standard trays that are part of the current security procedure, the Trolley Security Scanner and the scanable plastic trolley allow the passengers to prepare themselves long before reaching the security scanner. At the same time it allows the passengers to keep their belongings within their backpacks and suitcases.

All this combined creates a stress free procedure for both passengers and security staff, increases the security throughput by 450+/hour, allowing the airport passengers to enter the commercial area and gates more satisfied and stress-free than ever before.


1. Receive a trolley from the dispenser

2. The trolley makes it possible to prepare before the security

3. Place the scannable trolley in the scanner inlet

4. Walk through security screening while the trolley is scanned

5. Receive the trolley again after security scanning

6. Keep the trolley as a personal assistant through the airport - or leave it in the dispenser for the next user

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